Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs  

Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs  

Q.    How Could Noah Fit All the Dinosaurs into the Ark?

A.   Very easily; for example, dinosaurs went through sharp growth spurts. So, Noah didn’t need to take a pair of fully grown 30-ton Apatosaurus. Instead, he could have taken a pair of 4-year-old, one-ton specimens, and after they disembarked, they would grow fast and reach their full mass of 25–30 tons by the age of 12–13.

Many dinosaur types have now been shown to be younger versions of differently-named dinos. For example, Mussaurus was a baby ColoradisaurusNanotyrannus was a young T. Rex; and Dracorex and Strygimoloch were just juvenile forms of Pachycephalosaurus. Naturally, Noah wouldn’t have needed all the different stages of growth of the same dino!

A similar fate has now befallen the iconic dinoTriceratops, known for its three horns and bony frill. A less famous dino, Torosaurus, shared the three horns but had a much longer skull, with two large holes. Othniel Marsh discovered them both in the 1880s and thought they were different enough to deserve different genus names. But new research indicates that Torosaurus was really a mature Triceratops. So Noah’s task is now shown to be easier still.

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