God’s heart desire, from before the foundation of the earth, was to have fellowship with Man and, as His People, to be their God. While sin separated us from God, the death of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross affords every one of us an opportunity to be reunited with Him and partake of all His glorious provisions and plans. Romans 10:14   tells that people cannot hear unless they are told, and cannot be told unless a preacher is sent. God’s Grace has enabled us to send men and woman into the Mission Fields, introducing God to all they meet with the great news that, at the great cost of the death and resurrection of Jesus,  Man can be reunited with Him.

The Lord has opened some wonderful doors for us to be involved in the spreading of the Gospel in a number of missionary endeavors. Below is an extract of some of those sites.

Golden Greetings Magazine: This, our monthly magazine, is a valuable means of communication among the Assemblies and of spreading the Good News further afield. Copies are also sent to a number of overseas countries. A recent, and very blessed development, is our CAOG Website which is expanding rapidly with innovations and really good features. In fact, Golden Greetings is available on the Website long before the printed copies reach Assemblies.

Assembly Youth Ministries: This Mission organizes vital Youth Camps, Youth Rallies and Youth Teams that circulate amongst Assemblies.

Camp Anerley: Since 1961 we have had growing usage of, and participation in, Camp Anerley until, at the present time, the CAOG have taken the responsibility of running the Camp Site. We thank God for the incredible privilege we have had over the years, of seeing many, many, young people coming to Christ, being filled with the Holy Ghost and some developing into brethren who minister in our Assemblies.

Enoch’s Walk: The Pretoria Assemblies have access to this facility where the Gospel is preached to people who, for one reason or another, have dropped out of Society.

Gospel for Africa: Gospel for Africa was established in 2006, the burden on the hearts of the brethren was to reach out to the local black community in Howick – KwaZulu-Natal. The Lord has blessed this outreach and today we are actively preaching the Word of God in the Eastern Cape, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, DRC, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Benin

Christian Truth Ministries: Christian Truth Ministries was established with the express purpose of exhorting true believers in Christ to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1:3). We believe that the whole Bible is the infallible Word of God, written by different writers at different times, but all under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We do not debate the Word of God but rather aim to preach, teach and share the undiluted and untainted Word of God in spirit and in truth, making it available in various formats and through various mediums to the whosoever.

KwaZulu-Natal: The Africa Outreach Mission has continued to go from strength to strength as the Zulu speaking Assemblies have grown in number with dozens of preaching points and Tent Campaigns..Local ministering brethren have co-operated with the Zulu leaders by way of ministry, fellowship and seminars with great blessing.

Zambia:  More recently, in 2005, we responded to appeals to provide ministry for a number of Fellowships, with 5 Assemblies in Lusaka enthusiastically catching the vision and beginning to operate under the banner of Central Africa Assemblies, Zambia. The Lord’s Work under our care is spreading southwards to Kafue, northwards to Luanshya and eastwards to several Fellowships in the general Petauke area.