My Evolutionist Lecturer

My Evolutionist Lecturer

Q.   I’m a youngish Christian at Varsity. I believe in Creation but one of my lecturers is making it his business to cram Evolution down my throat. How can I handle this?

A.   Remember, the Word of God, the revelation of the Holy Spirit and your relationship with the Lord Jesus is the primary basis for who we are and what we believe. Now here’s a fine opportunity for you to equip yourself –

  •  To establish what you believe about Creation, and,
  • To get to know the basic tenets of Evolution.

Get together with the Elders in your Assembly, or some mature friends, and get your convictions (not theories) clearly established in your heart by the Holy Spirit. Pray all the way through. If you’re stuck for material, CUM Books or Creation Ministries (Google them) can give you valuable information.

Now prepare your own heart in the matter. You’re at Varsity to study, not primarily to witness, but remain alert to opportunities the Lord opens for you.

Your lecturer will be a seasoned campaigner, so maintain a humble spirit and don’t ‘get clever’ with him. When he ‘attacks’ your faith, stay humble and stick to facts. Remember, Evolution is a Theory, not a proven fact; thus it is a matter of Faith. Your commitment to Jesus is also a matter of God’s revelation and Faith. He has chosen to believe what his intellect and studies feed him; you have chosen to believe God’s Word and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t let him fluster you. Stay calm and humble, maintain a good attitude, stick to facts and remain objective. Better than winning arguments, your spirit will show him that you have the Spirit of Christ living in you. When he corners you, offer to go back to the Bible to see what God says about his argument. You don’t have to be an expert on Evolution – just a young person in love with your Saviour and committed to what He says in His Word.

It’s important to keep a godly attitude of sensitivity and kindness towards your lecturer. Don’t belittle his beliefs; avoid emotional arguments or verbal assaults. Present your thoughts and questions in a way that depersonalises the issue. Your ‘goodwill’ attitude will be reflecting Jesus to him. Hostility and poor preparation never won the day, but your lecturer will, if only secretly, respect a hardworking student looking for honest answers.

If you are asked to make a presentation to the class, come well prepared and limit your comments primarily to scientific facts. Dealing with Biblical information or matters of faith may arise but remember that these will arouse opposition in your environment. Let the beauty of Jesus rather shine forth from you. If some want to know more of what you believe, arrange to speak to them privately rather than in a hostile atmosphere.

Since many lecturers and students have grown up on misinformation and error on this subject, don’t be surprised to encounter animosity. Handle this with humility and a godly attitude. God is with you and will help you beyond your own wisdom and ability. Respect your lecturer and always remain courteous to him.

Finally, remember that prayer, and God’s wisdom that emerges from your time with Him, are the most important ingredients in any human endeavour!

Welcome to the battle, and to victory in Jesus!