God’s Will and My Choices

God’s Will and My Choices

Q.    I’m hung up about knowing God’s will and the choices I make. Can you throw some light on a few points please?

Q1.    Do my decisions really matter to God?

A.   Absolutely! He cares about what goes on in your heart. Perhaps you should consider that your decisions are ultimately a matter of whether you choose to worship God or yourself, or the ways of the world, the flesh and the Devil. And God not only desires, but deserves, to be the highest priority in every part of your life.

Some decisions are clearly right and others are clearly wrong. Yet, like all Mankind, you choose to make wrong decisions knowing they are wrong. It’s not a matter of what you decide; it’s a matter of whom you will worship. One way or another, your decisions honour either God or yourself or, worse yet, the Evil One who tempted you.

If you are sincere about making right decisions, you will need to draw near to the Lord and hear what He has to say about matters. Get to know Him personally – His preferences, His desires and His Word; come under the Ministries and fellowship He has set in His Church.

Q2.   How do I discover God’s will?

A.    I’ve partly answered that above. To start, however, make sure that your heart is set to embrace and obey what God has already shown in His Word. You can’t expect His guidance on specific matters when you’re not doing what He’s already shown you in His Word.

As you read your Bible and pray, your relationship with God will grow and you’ll begin to understand His character. That’s always the right place to hear His instruction for other areas of your life. Getting godly counsel from God’s appointed ministers in the church is also essential; reject D.I.Y Christianity!

Relationship with the Lord is not about getting what we want, but doing what He asks and fulfilling His purposes. But now you will have to believe that He is totally faithful and totally good, and that His will is truly what’s best for you.

Q3.   Will God ask me to do stuff I don’t want to do?

A.   You can count on it! It doesn’t take long to realise that you’re so incompatible with God – Isa 55:8-9. As He begins His work of Grace in you, He will seek to gain your co-operation. What He asks may well not feel natural at first. But as you learn from Him, it will soon be clear that He is guiding you and discipling you into the very things He created you for. And although you will be giving Him more and more control over your life, it’s in the realm of submission to Him that real joy begins!

Q4.   What if I miss God’s will?

A.   Making a poor decision doesn’t mean you’re forever out of God’s will. The Bible is full of people who made some bad decisions, yet, after working through those issues with them, God was able to use them mightily in accomplishing His plans.

If you’ve given your life to Christ and want Him to be your Lord, remember God is your Father. Jesus has already paid the price of your sin and, in saving you, He has also freed you from condemnation. Now the Father is busy helping you to become like His Son, the Lord Jesus. Stay close to Jesus and keep your focus on Him. Deal with issues as He brings them to your attention; He will give you the power to overcome sin and also to grow spiritually. Look back every now and then to see what the Lord has done in your life and you’ll be amazed and encouraged to see the journey He has started you on. Then keep looking forward to His Return for us; what a glorious Day that will be!