Michaela Raw

Michaela Raw

Had I not been standing upon my Rock, my Saviour, Jesus Christ, I would surely have been swayed by now. I cannot share here of all the Lord’s blessings, but ask me and I will gladly speak of all the wonderful things the Lord has done in my life.

As a little girl I knew Jesus loved me and I loved Him too, but I didn’t yet KNOW my Saviour. I started getting to know Jesus at an AYM Youth Camp in 2007. As a teenager, my walk with the Lord had many ups and downs, but I continued to attend Camps which kick-started my relationship with the Lord each time.

It was after my dad passed away from a massive heart attack on 3 May ‘10 that I got a glimpse of what the love of God can do. It was the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to me, BUT GOD. He carried me through that time and ignited my fire to live for Him. He held me together and loved me back to life largely through the love and support of the Eshowe Assembly. At Winter Camp in June ‘10 I was filled with the Holy Spirit and have since understood that my salvation doesn’t depend on my own abilities; through my weakness and imperfections the Lord is able to do exceedingly more than anything I could have ever asked or thought.

After Dec 2011 I became a Youth Camp Counsellor – the greatest blessing and privilege. There I met my wonderful husband, Craige Raw, and that story on its own is a great testimony of how the Lord works in our lives in miraculous ways.

We were married on 28 March ‘15, during my 3rd year of Occupational Therapy at UKZN, after transferring from UFS. While studying in the Free State the Lord placed me in Hillside Assembly where, for the first time, I was established in a Fellowship and was taught the importance of being part of the Body of Christ, and the valuable First Principles.

Now, alongside my husband, I fellowship in Queensburgh Assembly. The Lord isn’t finished with me yet which gives me absolute peace and unspeakable joy; I am a work in progress. After much encouragement from many of you, I am a qualified Occupational Therapist completing my Community Service Year in KwaDabeka, near our home – another miracle!

Craige and I are waiting on the Lord to lead us ever forward, as a couple united in serving Him wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Please pray for us as we trust Him, seek His face and endeavour to shine His light daily.

Des Rothman