Peter Michell

Peter Michell

I was blessed to be part of a God-fearing family. My father, small in stature, but a giant spiritually was the testimony I had in coming to Christ, 11 yrs old, 1961, in the Newcastle Masonic Hall. Bro Jim Mullan preached;  I remember the night clearly.  It was a defining time and I made a total commitment. God’s grace, patience, mercy and longsuffering has since been my portion.

I married Linda in 1975 and we have been blessed serving the Lord together all this time.

Going full-time into the Ministry in Eshowe was never what I wanted, but God had other plans for us. Walking away from everything we had built up could only have been the Lord at work. To say it was easy, NO! We cried much only to experience the Lord working things thought not possible.

Lakeside and Eshowe prepared me for the East London challenge. We had to dig deeper than ever before in our lives. Heartache and tears were our portion, but joy came as the Lord started bringing in the precious souls. And we have not seen the end as many have come to Christ and are now being raised up to fulfil His ministries, for His purpose alone, in the Body of Christ.

So the testimony of Jesus continues; Mdantsane, Beacon Bay and Port Elizabeth are now solidly in full view.

I can only thank the Lord that it is not about any of us; it is about Jesus Christ and Him alone. We give all the glory to Jesus and all the honour to our Heavenly Father.

What a mighty God we serve!  It’s all about Jesus and this is my testimony.  Thank You Jesus!

Michaela Raw