Yoga is Not for Christians

Yoga is Not for Christians

Q.   What’s wrong with me doing Yoga unto the Lord?

A.   A Hindu mystic and a Yoga Master admit that Yoga is not in any way compatible with Christian Beliefs; their article is available upon request. God’s Word is full of His rejection of His people blending their worship of Him with pagan practices like Hinduism.  Yoga and Christianity are not compatible!

Hollywood’s Julia Roberts features in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – a glowing cinematic portrayal of a sanitised, Americanised version of Hinduism. She declares that she is “Definitely a Practicing Hindu”, and will influence many to follow her example. Your question is timeous!

Yoga is the Hindu form of “salvation.” Hindus have no concept of sin against a Holy God; it teaches that man’s greatest problem is his ignorance that he is “God” (Brahman). We believe that Jesus’ Death alone gains us forgiveness of sins, and right standing with a holy God.

Yoga cannot be separated from its occultic origins! Consider:

  • The mantra meditation lowers mental barriers and opens one up to the demonic realm (it often doesn’t “feel” demonic at first; it feels “good” and “spiritual” … even ‘holy’);
  • Yoga positions themselves are all prayer postures designed to honour one of the myriad Hindu gods;
  • More than worshipping Hindu gods, these postures are done in a specific order for the purpose of aligning and opening up the “chakra” system which enables deep meditation.  It teaches the awakening of “kundalini,” a “serpent power” at the base of the spine until it begins to move up to allow union with “Brahman from whom all things came”.
  • The “Namaste” is an unbiblical practice. “Namaste” is when yoga practitioners bow to one another while each says “Namaste.” “Namaste” means “I am bowing to the ‘god’ within you.” The Bible is clear. Read Ex 20:3-5: ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me … thou shalt not bow down thyself to them …’

It is evil and foolish to think that one may honour the only true God while also honouring Hindu deities in His presence. If you have done this, repent and leave Yoga well alone; it has no part with the Christianity of the Bible! Let God’s Word tell you how He wants you to worship!