Wrong Decisions  

Wrong Decisions  

Q.   When I’m cross I make bad decisions. But when I’m very happy I also make wrong decisions. How can I stop making wrong decisions?

A.   As human beings we often make wrong decisions because:

  1. We’re selfish and mostly decide in favour of what we want;
  2. We’re influenced by our feelings, emotions;
  3. We’re influenced by the world’s norms and values.

When we become Children of God, He begins to train us away from making bad decisions by teaching us what He feels and desires. Since our God is perfect in all His ways, His decisions are always perfect and perfectly right. That’s why the Lord Jesus, facing death for our sins, said to the Father, ‘Not My will, but Thy will be done.’

Whenever you have decisions to make, ask God what He thinks about the issue. Read the Bible every day and He will speak to you right there. Listen to what the Brethren minister in the Church; that’s good training and direction. Then, of course, speak to the Elders or Leaders in the Fellowship and they will help and guide you.

Align your heart with what God says and make decisions in His favour. Such decisions will always work for your good too!

Never make decisions when you’re on an emotional high or low; your judgment will always be unstable then. But when you’re calm and seek God’s guidance, you’ll make right decisions. Let God’s Word decide!

God doesn’t want us to operate on our own intellect, our emotions, our ideas, our desires, because what comes from our side of things is mostly selfish and twisted by the world – and Satan. But when we find God’s will, what He wants – and do it – that’s the best way!