Which Meeting is Least Necessary?

Which Meeting is Least Necessary?

Q.    In our Fellowship we have many meetings and interest groups, but I can’t attend them all. How can I know which to miss?

 A.    Life is filled with pressures more than we can handle, and it is a wise person who learns early to be selective, even amongst good and noble pursuits. We just can’t do it all.

Being overcommitted soon leads to neglecting important areas like your Prayer life, studying the Word, attending to your family, etc. Exhaustion often brings on depression and coldness toward the Lord. So beware the barrenness of a busy life!

God’s Word is your best guide and Acts 2:42 tells how the New Testament Church operated in what we consider the essentials – the Apostles’ Doctrine (Bible Study), Fellowship (not only in a meeting but in meaningful interaction with folks in the Body), Breaking of Bread (specifically commanded by Jesus) and Prayer (the most neglected of all activities without which we die spiritually.)

Make these “non-negotiable” in your walk with God and add other activities only if they don’t interfere with His priorities.

Finally, let your Elders guide you through the pressures you face.