What Happens at Death?

What Happens at Death?

Q.   What will happen to me when I die?

A.   It all depends on whether or not you are born again.

If Jesus is your Lord and Saviour, the moment you die your spirit will be with Him in Heaven – 2 Cor 5:8. Your body will be buried and decay in the grave. However, when Jesus returns, which could be very soon, your body will be raised in resurrection glory and reunited with your spirit, to spend Eternity with the Lord – 1 Thess 4:13-18.

For those who do not have Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the situation is unspeakably horrible. When they die, their spirits are cast into Hades, a place of torment, Lk 16:23. At the end, they will also be raised with never-dying bodies and reunited with their spirits to stand before God on His Great White Throne. There they will receive His judgment before being cast into the Eternal Lake of Fire.

It follows that we should stay close to the Lord, and also urge everyone we meet to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour to escape the terrible lot of those who reject Him!