Theo Rencken

Theo Rencken

Born into a family of 6 children, of whom I am the youngest, I never really got to know my biological father, who, during my early childhood was never around, but made brief appearances and then disappear again. I am so grateful for the safety and stability my God-fearing mother afforded us younger siblings. God was faithful in answering her prayers; during the 1970’s all her children came to know Jesus as Personal Saviour and Lord, including me! Mom truly experienced the reality of His saving grace during this time!

I was raised in a traditional, religious environment until leaving school, and after Army, I tried my hand at Varsity, but there were too many distractions and I soon left. During that time I started attending meetings in Norwood, together with my brothers and their families. There I found the most amazing conviction under the Word of God. Sadly, though, my sinful heart resisted surrender. During July of 1971 I visited a step-uncle and aunt in Stanger – the Holst family – and they took me to weekend meetings. It was during a Breaking of Bread Service that I quietly surrendered to the love and mercy of God and called on the Name of Jesus for Salvation.

I moved to Empangeni at the end of 1971 with my brother Win, his wife Ria and their family, and we started attending an Outreach Meeting arranged by the Eshowe folk. Soon we started travelling to Eshowe for weekend meetings. Sadly after 2 or 3 years I was side-tracked and became a ‘prodigal son’. However, so true to His eternal love, God sought me out! In 1977 His mercy was once again extended during a CAOG Youth Camp at Koinonia.

Wow, what a revolution took place in my life, as Christ’s ministries nurtured and cared for my soul. In 1978 Shelley and I were married; she had arrived in the Assembly together with her Mom, Rhona. God’s Amazing Grace had found and transformed a Hell-bound sinner into someone who is now accepted in the Beloved – GLORY TO GOD!

Once I was blind; now I can see! Once I was lost; now I am found! Once I was dead; now I am alive! Once I lived in despair; now I have hope! Once Christ died and rose again to afford me all the above and much more!

What more can I say!