Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler

I grew up in a very liberal home. From about the age of 10 I began to explore life as I had come to understand it from those around me; cigarettes, alcohol and sexuality. By 13 I had become my own man – so I thought; friends much older than me, parties, girlfriends and a growing drug business.

I was so engrossed in this great life and enjoying every minute of it. But my grades went down, my attitude deteriorated and I become a complete nightmare to everyone around me. By 15 I had dropped from the A to the C class; parties, girlfriends and friends were now my priorities.

In my Grade 10 year I was expelled for dealing in drugs. Losing all that was important to me I was sent to a small school hundreds of kilometres away. But it took only a few weeks before I was able to pick up where I had left off; only this time I would be far more cautious.

I completed my Matric and then studied in Durban and Cape Town, but my lifestyle was progressively deteriorating.

When I was 21 years old, we were driving out of “Splashy Fen” a weekend music festival. I hated my life and everyone around me. I was empty, depressed, disillusioned and desperate. Then I spotted a group of local farmers with all these banners about Jesus. And a young girl hands me a tract!

The, having destroyed my own life and many others, JESUS pours His love and grace on me and calls me to follow Him. I believe; immediately the shackles fall off, the burden of sin is removed and I’m free. I go from empty, depressed, disillusioned and desperate to ecstatic, overwhelmed and fullness of joy in an instant.

I’m BORN AGAIN – the most precious and glorious day of my life – JESUS is now ALIVE in me!

Well that was 23 years ago, and Jesus is still as real to me today as He was way back then. God’s grace in my life has been beyond my comprehension; I have experienced HIS love, compassion, forgiveness, chastening, joy, care and much more.

This year I’ve been married for 20 years to Nadine, with 2 children, Joshua 17 and Taylah 15; God has blessed us incredibly.

He added me to our precious Fellowship shortly after being born again, thanks to Mike Muller who shared the First Principles with me and ministered to me when we were in the Army together.

We currently fellowship in the Natal Midlands and are involved in local Missions among the Black Communities and in Mission Work in many African countries.

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