Maud Denton

Maud Denton

Where do I start? The Lord preparing me at an early age for what was to follow in later years! I was born in 1935. At 4 years I had double pneumonia and lay at death’s door. I was prayed for by my grandmother and the doctor told my mother that I had turned around at Death’s door. The Lord had healed me. At the age of 6 I was diagnosed with TB of the lungs. The specialist said I was to be admitted into a private ward in Hospital for further X-Rays and would then have to be sent to the TB Hospital in Durban. I was taken to church and my grandmother whom the Lord used much in praying for the sick, together with the Church Oversight praying for me I was healed instantly. For many years the TB scars showed up in X-Rays.

I then developed a cyst the size of a small egg on my thyroid gland in my neck. The morning the specialist was to arrange for the operation, the cyst burst and there was no need for an op. Another miracle for a doctor told me years later that a cyst cannot burst; it has to be cut out. I still have the scar in my neck up to this day and every time I have to see a doctor or a specialist for the first time, I have to answer them all about the scar and testify about what the Lord did for me.

At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with Metropathia, a serious internal condition. The gynaecologist told me that I would be very fortunate if they could heal me. After much treatment which failed, I was told only a big operation might help … they would have to keep operating until there was nothing left to remove. The time had come for either the doctor or the Lord. I was prayed for and healed instantly as the power of God went through my body. No operation! All glory to God!

At the age of 18½, I left home, where I had had a very strict upbringing, and was transferred down to Durban. Being free to live as I pleased, I lived a very worldly life. After 6 months, however, I found that I had no real joy or peace. I knew I needed Jesus in my life. I had heard the Gospel a few times between the ages of 6 to 8 years. In those days, though, the Church took little notice of small children wanting to give their hearts to Jesus.

I found a Church which preached the Gospel and was led to the Lord for the first time in my life. This was in March 1954. Two years later in 1956 I came into the Assembly of God in Durban where the believers met in the Basement of the City Hall. Praise the Lord; I was filled with the Holy Ghost a few months later and what a change that brought!

In 1957 the Assembly moved to a church building in Moore Road. There I was led to witness to a young man, Gerry Denton, an alcoholic.  In December of that year Gerry surrendered his life to Christ and was wonderfully delivered from drink and smoking. All glory to the Lord Jesus!

We were married in December 1958 and served the Lord together for 33 years until Gerry was called Home in December 1991 through a tragic accident. The Lord sustained us through this time and Douglas and I were able to move on, forgetting the past, and pressing on to the Prize before us.

In 1960 I was 25 years old and pregnant. At 7 months I started with labour pains and was told by my doctor that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was just feeling pains in my back. He prescribed two Disprins! The pains continued, getting closer together. Again the Doctor said I was simply feeling pains in my back. He advised me to take 2 more Disprins as there was nothing more he could do for me. My Husband phoned the Doctor’s partner late that night. When he arrived he told me that I was in 5-minute labour, but my baby was two months premature. He immediately phoned for an ambulance.

Douglas was born the following day after a very difficult birth. I learned only two years later that his brain had been damaged during birth. The fact that he lived was a miracle. The Lord has kept Douglas from that day until now, 58 years later. God has done many miracles in his life, especially his salvation. You can read his story in his book, “The Story of Douglas”, available from Douglas or myself.

The Lord has kept me these past 64 years, many times healing me, and always with me. At times He was my only hope. By His grace Douglas and I are longing and waiting for His Coming. Until then I passionately thank Him for the Body of Christ where we are kept by, and in, His Word.

For a number of months I have had an ulcer on my leg. I have tried treatment after treatment but my skin simply rejects them all. The doctors can do nothing as my skin is very thin and extremely sensitive. Once again I faced the challenge of ‘the Doctor or the Lord’. I was prayed for again and said, “Lord, I leave it in Your hands. There is nothing I can do!” From that day, just 4 days ago, healing has started and I know my Lord will perfect His work for He said, Call unto me and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” Thank You, Jesus!

The Lord has faithfully kept me through many ups and downs. To write them down is an impossible task. Eternity will reveal His great Love and Grace. All glory to Him

My Lord kept me in Moore Road Assembly for 45 years where I and Douglas were ministered to from God’s Word and where we grew in Him. I thank my God for all the love and care we received which sustained us especially through Douglas’s sickness and the passing of our beloved Husband and Father!

In 2001 the Lord brought us to Sarnia where we joined the Sarnia Family Fellowship and were provided with a delightful cottage in Paradise Village. Through the Sarnia Oversight and Believers, the Lord has ministered to us and cared for us and brought us through in victory until this very day. Once again, and forever, the Lord be praised for the Body of Christ and the keeping Power of His Word.

Val Field