Glynnis Rothman

Glynnis Rothman

When I was “baptised” as an infant, my late great Uncle, Rev Archibald Kidwell, of the Wesleyan Church, wrote me a letter. Amongst other things I treasure, he said, “God has a work for you to do and He will reveal it in time. Do all you can to become a woman after God’s heart.” The impact of those words never meant much for me until later. Preparing the ground was my late maternal Granny, who encouraged me in the ways of the Lord and used to take me to church with her.

However, it was only at the age of 19 after having travelled Europe with my Mom, where I met Des in Durban, that spiritual issues became relevant to me. Des and I talked about “church”, during which time we met and were encouraged by Rev Arnold Walker, of “Faith for Daily Living”, to seek for deeper things. Only when we were married, when exposed to the spiritual changes in Des’ family. That he and I, together, allowed the Lord to take control of our lives.

The journey since has been deeply rewarding, although bumpy at times, but the Lord has kept me through every challenge. One of those challenges was when Des left Justice and we chose to give up our home and way of life to enter the new venture of answering the Lord’s call to His work. Suddenly my late uncle’s letter took on a greater significance than ever!

Since then I supported Des in his labour for God in nine different Assemblies. Through it all, God’s grace has been sufficient in this wonderful journey of growth and moulding in Him. He blessed us with three children who love the Lord too and shared our walk. Along the way our gracious Lord has blessed us with 8 grandchildren along the way!

I suffered two seizures after Des was diagnosed with his disease, and faced other significant personal moments. While these health events have left scars, God’s healing has been my portion. The prayers of my family and the saints have carried me over and over again!

Now I delight to draw aside each morning with my Bible on my lap, my eccentric cat purring next to me and trusting the Lord for the new day. I gratefully sing, “Great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see …” Thank You, Lord, for showing me how to walk in Your way!