Single Parent

Single Parent

Q.    How can I ever cope as a Single Parent?

A.    It’s tough enough for a godly couple to raise a child in these “perilous times,” so the challenges facing a single parent, who is often the sole breadwinner, are enormous. Quite apart from the financial burdens you face, there are the stresses of your own spiritual and emotional support, being too strict with your discipline, or too lenient, handling your child’s growing up dilemmas, leading him to the Lord and nurturing him in God’s ways, and a whole lot more.

God was so wise in arranging for both parents to raise a child! Each has a vital and different contribution to make. But, in His wisdom, the Lord foresaw our quandaries and has made good provision for us. There is indeed hope for you!

That God cares for Single Moms is manifestly clear in the great story told in 1 Kings 17:8-24. Why, the Lord interrupted His servant Elijah’s busy schedule of talking to kings and performing miracles, and sent him to attend to the needs of a Single Mom in Distress. The widow of Zarephath was facing starvation with her son as a cruel famine raged.

Imagine her astonishment when the prophet asked her to make him some bread from the pitiful ingredients she was about to put together for a last meal for her son and herself! But she obeyed and discovered God’s incredible miracle provision that lasted well beyond the famine, right into the raising of her boy from death!

Here are some pointers to bless, guide and encourage you from this story and the tenets of God’s Word and Ways:

  • No matter how isolated and unknown you are, God knows you, loves you, and will provide for you if you commit yourself to Him through the Lord Jesus.
  • Prioritise the Lord in your life and place your trust fully in Him – even in the face of distress and death.
  • Trust the leadership God has placed in your Assembly to guide you, even when your heart balks at their direction. Distress dulls our perceptions, especially spiritual ones, but God gives His men His Word to comfort and direct you. Be fully open with them.
  • Get right into full fellowship and participation with the believers in your Assembly. Let them minister God’s grace and love to you.
  • Learn quickly that when you give your all to God, even your life support, He makes His all available to you. Allow Him to become your all-sufficiency!

For our part, we will pray for you and look forward to hearing how the Lord has undertaken for you!