Sexual Activity

Sexual Activity

Q. How can I resist the pressure to be sexually active?

A. It’s true that we live in “this present evil world,” and are beset by incredibly strong forces – an ungodly Media, TV, Films, Press, Radio, Books, the Internet, etc., – peer pressure and a degenerated morality in a world that has become wickedly selfish and sex-crazed, setting norms from the very pit of Hell – and, of course, our own wicked hearts and fallen natures that happily subscribe to sin.

Thank God, however, the news is good! The Lord Jesus has already died for our sins, paid the price for our wickedness, and has made a way of escape through the Grace God gives us when we give ourselves to Him.

You don’t have to remain a slave to the world, the devil or your old fallen nature. Read Psalm 103. God knows all about your wicked heart and weakness – and has prepared for your salvation in Jesus. The subject you raise is a vast one and we will not trivialise it. Simply said, however, you have no hope whatsoever outside of Christ. But, with a living relationship with Him, you are set for glory and victory over your peers, your passions and the penalties of your old life. Jesus will not merely give you victory, but He Himself will become your victory!

However, Sex is actually very good and wonderful – God created it for Marriage!

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