Parental Pressure

Parental Pressure

Q.   My Dad is not a Christian and sometimes wants me to do ungodly things. How can I respect him and get out of doing wrong?

A.   While it may be tough in your situation, it’s not impossible and it also provides you with an awesome opportunity to share your heart and the Gospel, as a son, with your Dad.

The ideal picture God wants you, as a Child of God, to reflect is the relationship between you and your Heavenly Father. Draw from God’s grace and honour your father just as the Lord says you should – whether your Dad deserves it or not.

But honouring him doesn’t mean that you have to engage in bad things. When he asks you to do such things, respectfully tell him that you have committed your life and behaviour to the Lord Jesus and would find it really difficult to do them. Ask him to release you from his request because, while you love and honour your Dad, you love and honour the Lord above all. If he will let you, tell him what Jesus has done for you and what He now means to you and would want for you.

If your Dad doesn’t know the Lord it will be impossible for him to guide you in spiritual things. It’s in such situations that you will draw a lot of help from the Fellowship you are in. The Youth Leaders will be able to help too. However, when major decisions or direction are necessary, go to the Elders in your Fellowship. These are the ‘Fathers’ or ‘Shepherds’ God has placed in the Church for His people and you can safely open your heart to them and get God’s direction. Even the Youth Leaders receive guidance and operate under their direction.

Of course, read the Bible and pray every day. This will mature you and you’ll be amazed that, as you fellowship with the Lord, He will speak directly into your situation. Learn to hear Him speak to you as you listen to the various ministries in your Church. This is often how God speaks to us!