Oprah Winfrey on Hell

Oprah Winfrey on Hell

Q.   Oprah Winfrey doesn’t believe in Hell. Is she right?

A.   No, sadly, Oprah is wrong, as Eternity will reveal – but then it will be too late, since you have to decide for or against Christ NOW!

Jesus preached about Hell more than anyone in the Bible. His words dripped with love but He didn’t soft-pedal when addressing the eternal consequence of sin. Beginning His ministry He read from Isa 61:2 announcing that He had come not only to “proclaim the favourable year of the Lord” but also the “day of vengeance of our God!”

The Gospel is a two-edged sword offering both the “kindness and severity of God” – Rom 11:22.

The world rejects the concept of Hell because it’s too exclusive. Oprah insists that everyone deserves a warm and fuzzy life free of consequences. But Hell is not a metaphor; it is a real place of dreadful separation from God that sinners choose when they reject Christ.

If Hell were not real why would God have sent His Son to pay that awful price to save you from it?