Noah Film

Noah Film

Q.   The Noah film is drawing a lot of interest. It’s a bit off key but would you suggest watching it or not?

A.   I’ve not seen the movie, nor read a great deal about it. However, some who have seen it tell that:

  • Fallen angels, Watchers, help humans banished from the Garden of Eden;
  • Methuselah gives Noah seed from Eden to grow a forest in seconds;
  • Noah’s family and the Watchers cut the trees to build the Ark;
  • The animals in the Ark are put to sleep by incense;
  • Methuselah cures Ila of sterility;
  • Tubal-Cain’s followers attack the Ark;
  • Methuselah, who remains behind purposely, dies in the Flood;
  • The Watchers sacrifice themselves to protect the Ark from the mob;
  • As the rain begins, the Watchers ascend to Heaven;
  • Tubal-Cain convinces Ham to help kill Noah;
  • The Ark hits a mountain, and Ham kills Tubal-Cain;
  • Noah goes into isolation in a nearby cave.

That’s enough for me to say, ‘Don’t watch it!’ It may not claim to represent the Bible’s account of the Flood, but there’s enough similarity to draw the untaught into accepting it as Bible Fact. I see this as a satanic ploy to defile the Word of God and, at best, belittle its Truth. In all of the incidents listed above, not one closely resembles God’s Truth.

Like Satan in the Garden, this movie distorts God’s Word and discredits God’s integrity. I believe it also opens the way for the end-time deceit that will be perpetrated by the Anti-Christ.

Avoid it – and discourage others from watching it too. It does not come from God. And I’ve not even addressed the blasphemy that some have complained about!