My Husband Works Too Hard in the Church

My Husband Works Too Hard in the Church

Q. My husband is very involved in Lord’s work and I’m feeling left out and don’t know how to cope.

A. Most men in the Lord’s work have to discover how to overcome that very real downfall of neglecting their wife, and even the children.

First and foremost, get rid of the negatives in your own heart – anger, resentment or bitterness. Second, don’t nag your husband; you both will be the worse for that. But do tell him that you feel left out and sincerely say that you would love to assist him in his ministry. You could tell him that you’re already doing that by praying for him. Perhaps you could offer to type his notes, check his diary or do his filing. He may want you to join him on visits where this is possible.

You can be sure he is aware that he neglects you, so don’t attack him, use sarcasm or show a long face. Be the wife God wants you to be; He will certainly help you through to a lovely victory!

If all else fails, seek the counsel of a senior brother in God’s work.