Manifestations – Angelic Orbs

Manifestations – Angelic Orbs

Q.   I read an article on the web about “Angelic Orbs” and found it quite interesting. Are these supernatural lights that are appearing in some meetings good or evil?

A.   We checked the article mentioned and found it well presented and sincere. The person who wrote it appears to love the Lord truly.

Without having been there, it would be dangerous, if not presumptuous, for anyone to pronounce upon such manifestations. At best we offer a few guidelines:

  • Check the nature of the Church and Leadership where the lights occurred. Do they function Biblically? Are they born again and Word-based? What are the leaders’ views on the phenomena?
  • What fruits are being born out of their occurrence? The Word teaches that it is by fruits that we are to judge, and not by manifestations. In this context Matt 7:15-20 warns about false prophets and bad trees.
  • Of course, such a sight will always attract people. When they come, will they find Jesus? Is the occurrence being used to attract people to the lights or to THE LIGHT? The Bible says end-time distractions will draw people away from the Lord.
  • The Word is full of the supernatural manifestations of our great God – as in subsequent history right up to present times. These “signs and wonders”, and also the supernatural Gifts of the Spirit, 1 Cor 12, will always glorify Jesus, draw people to Him and confirm the preaching of God’s Word, Mk 16:20.

In these closing days of time we are faced with great problems: the increase of the occult and false teachings, 2 Tim 3 and 4, especially 4:3-4, satan’s raised anger against God and His people, 1 Pet 5:8, the incidence of false brethren amongst believers undermining their faith Gal 2:4, and, to top it all, our own limited knowledge and understanding.

However in the world shall we survive against the onslaught? The answer is as simple as it is profound; just by living as close to the Lord as possible, steeping ourselves in His Word and resisting the devil, not by rantings and ravings, but by obeying the Truth the Holy Spirit shows us in its pages. Are the 9 supernatural manifestations of the Holy Ghost not enough?

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