Leading Your Husband to Christ

Leading Your Husband to Christ

Q.   My husband is a really good man, but is not saved. I received Jesus six months ago and dearly want him to have what I’ve found in Him. How can I lead him to the Lord without offending him?

A.   While Salvation is an intimate matter between a human being and God, you can play an important part in bringing your husband to the Lord. Your role will be one of:

  • Informing him about what Jesus means to you.
  • Imparting God’s Word as the Holy Spirit gives you opportunity, and as your husband opens his heart to the Word.
  • Assisting him over hurdles he may encounter in making a decision to receive the Lord Jesus.

Be sensitive to his responses and don’t push him. Men tend not to respond well to that kind of approach. While you should take every opportunity he gives you to speak for the Lord, your life and the change Jesus has brought about in you will speak louder than your words. 1 Pet 3:1-6 says you’ll win him by your gracious spirit and good works.

Here are some positive steps you can take in winning him:

  • Live for the Lord with all your heart; do what’s right and believe that God is at work in your husband. In Gen 39 Joseph lived a godly life in the direst of circumstances. His testimony won the heart of Pharaoh and all of Egypt. See Gen 41:39.
  • Be the best wife to him you could ever be. See Song of Sol 2:16-3:4.
  • Show him grace, humility and unconditional love. Jesus’ love is shown so clearly as he washed His disciples’ feet. John 13:1-17.
  • Let your husband see that Jesus and your Home inHeaven have become a great reality,inspiration and anticipation in your heart. Let Rev 21:9-22:21 really excite you!
  • Finally, keep praying for him. And if you get stuck somewhere, the Elders in your Fellowship will be delighted to guide you!