Lady Pastors

Lady Pastors

Q.    Some churches with lady Pastors seem to be doing quite well. I know we don’t agree with that, but are we too strict?

A.   How much is too much to give to Jesus? And how closely should we follow Him? If we love Him, shouldn’t we do what He asks – Jn 14:15?

Sometimes Christians gloss over what the Word of God says and, if it doesn’t fit into their culture or convenience, they write it off as being irrelevant to our day and situation. But this dangerously discounts the voice and purpose of God in our lives and could affect us eternally.

We honour and love God’s Word and take seriously what He says. So what does He intend with regard to the different roles of men and women in the Body of Christ? Is He serious about the principles He has given us to live by? Of course He is! And so should we be! Now I shall not comment on what other churches do but rather on the revelation of God’s Word and Ways to us by the Holy Spirit.

In this Forum we don’t have enough space to deal fully with the subject so you should feel free to discuss it with the Elders in your Assembly. I have no doubt they would welcome your questions.

In the Church, God’s pattern is that men should take leadership and He has given five Ministries of the Word to feed, direct and lead. Elders (pastors) care for the feeding and oversight of local assemblies, while Apostles pioneer and lay foundations for new churches and take care of them so that they may reach maturity. Teachers use their God-given gift to open God’s Word and doctrine to the believers while Prophets encourage and urge them to grow in grace and become fully what God has planned for them, individually and corporately. Then Evangelists preach the Gospel of Jesus to the lost, and inspire local churches to become fiery witnesses and soulwinners for Christ.

In the New Testament these ministries are clearly given to men and, as a wife would act as a helpmeet to her husband, supporting him to fulfil his ministry and become effective in God’s call on his life, just so the godly woman in the Assembly should support the Fellowship, the leadership and thrust of the ministry. Of course women are encouraged to pray, be used in Spiritual Gifts, exhort the believers, witness for Christ and, in the case of women more mature in Christ, teach the younger women how to conduct themselves in Christian life in the Church, at home and in the world.

Again we mention that we do not wish to comment on what other people do. That is between them and the Lord. For our part, we want to walk close with the Lord, led by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word