Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and Envy

Q.    I’m caught in a jealousy/ envy trap. Why? And how can I get out of it?

A.   You’re experiencing one of the most harrowing traits of the old carnal nature. It is really nothing more than the outworking of pride since we feel we deserve to have what others have, or the honour or commendation given to others really belongs to us. Taken to its end, this attitude leads us to resentment and even hatred until it finally destroys us. Believe it, this is a serious matter.

Competition is good until we have to win at all costs. Then it becomes deadly. Being the best at this or that, being the strongest, the prettiest, the cleverest is considered important so that we may be recognised or honoured by those around us. But before God this is not at all important. What really matters is His opinion of you, and right here begins the solution to your problem, and the problem of most of us.

I am assuming that you have given your life to Christ. If you’re not saved yet, you’ll forever be in this trap. Jesus alone is your answer.

As a Christian, your very first step is to realise that God has forgiven you and accepted you in Jesus – Eph 1:6. You don’t have to perform; you don’t have to impress the Lord – or anybody else. Jesus has done everything God requires for your salvation. Just trust Him.

Next, believe that God has taken responsibility for you – totally. He will provide for you, keep you and work in your life all that you could ever need or desire – Phil 2:13. Abandon yourself into His hands.

Now, instead of wanting to be better than everybody else, and craving what they have, discover what God has given you in Christ. Rest assured, it’s an enormous lot!

Finally, get into a really close relationship with your Lord; love Him, praise Him, talk to Him, walk with Him. Then, on His behalf, be a blessing to others; nurture their success – God will take care of yours.

1 Sam 20 tells of the precious friendship between David and Jonathan; they were prepared to lay down their lives for each other in a selfless brotherly love. 1 Cor 13:5 says that Love “seeketh not her own,” just like Jesus. Your greatest joy will be found in joining forces with Him to bless everyone you meet and bring them into relationship with the Living God. You could well become the envy of others!