Is Abortion Wrong?

Is Abortion Wrong?

Q.   What’s wrong with abortion? Surely a woman has a right over her own body?

A.   Christians haven’t adopted an anti-abortion stance because they have worked out what’s good for humanity; they believe and practice what God says about things. His Word declares, For You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb – Ps 139:13.

The Bible tells plainly that life is sacred to God. He creates life at the moment of conception and only He has the right to take it. A woman, who is created in the image of God, has a responsibility to care for, love and protect what He has created in her. If she belongs to God, she will have given her supposed ‘rights’ to the One Who gave His life to save her. Abortion is usurping God’s sovereign right.

The battle over abortion rights dates back to the fall of Satan and represents the desire for God-like power and authority. This power hunger was Satan’s downfall; it was also the catalyst to the demise of Adam and Eve – and the human race. Abortion is another way people “play God.”

“And in the case of rape?” God says, “NO!” He does not allow His people to choose when morality applies. He will not ordain the taking of an innocent life. Agonising over a young girl raped, He longs for her to turn to Him so that He can show her His mercy and love in the midst of her pain. He does want her to end the innocent life of a baby. Murder is not only wrong, but abortion would intensify the agony she suffers already. Many have found an answer in adoption, turning their tragedy into a gift of God’s grace!

Especially in the face of hardships God calls us to His standards. They are non-negotiable and He turns horror to glory. The writer’s daughter faced the wrath of her gynaecologist when she refused to abort her first child which was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. We prayed, God heard and today that 11-year-old girl is turning out to be something of a star with looks, energy, intelligence and a passion for Jesus!

Among many references, Ex 20:13; Ps 22:10, 51:5, 127:3-5 and Jer 1:4-5 tell of God’s Personal involvement in, and claim upon, the ‘fruit of the womb’!