Helping a Friend to Salvation

Helping a Friend to Salvation

Q. How can I help a friend take the final step to being born again?

A. I’m glad you asked that because many folks are happy to witness to friends but never take it further. The ultimate joy, of course, is seeing your friend or loved one actually receiving Christ as Saviour.

I won’t deal with witnessing, because you’ve already been doing that. As you’ve spoken to your friend, you will have noticed the Holy Spirit helping and guiding you. Depend on Him to make you aware of when your friend is ready to receive Jesus as her, (or his?), Saviour. When that ‘awareness’ arrives, you can move forward with confidence.

You could use an approach like, “I hesitated before I asked the Lord to take over my life and make me His Child. But when I took that vital step, Wow, something really splendid happened in my life – and is still happening because He has become so precious to me. Would you like me to help you invite Jesus into your heart?”

As with delivering a baby, the midwife or doctor must be gentle yet firm. But the Lord will guide you all the way; just trust Him. His Spirit will have been speaking into your friend’s heart all the while. And He will bring her into a commitment to Christ, and then to that wonderful act of baptising her into Jesus, making her one with Him.

Once you take courage to lead a soul to Christ, I promise you, your desire to witness will be surpassed by a new passion to actually bring people into relationship with Jesus. You’ll love it!