Healthy Ambition vs Self-Centredness

Healthy Ambition vs Self-Centredness

Q. How can I tell the difference between healthy ambition and self-centredness?

A. InMark 8:34-38 Jesus gives good and godly counsel on the difference between living for the here and now, and focussing rather on eternal issues. It comes down ultimately to the choice between carnal things and those that are spiritual. To make the correct choices it is good to remember that one cannot live effectively on earth without a perspective on Heaven; you cannot live with God’s blessing in Time without the Holy Spirit’s revelation of His Eternity. Allow God to transform you by the renewing of your mind – Rom 12:1-3 – and you will develop an eternal perspective.

When the Lord Jesus is the centre of your life, His interests will impact every part of your daily life, values and choices and assist you in overcoming selfishness, one of the most destructive sins. Living for the Lord with a godly view on eternity will guide you in deciding what’s worth going after, and what’s self-centred.

This Heavenly sanity applies in every sphere of life from your career to relationships to handling conflicts and addressing problems. It also saves you from being sucked into delusions of personal grandeur as well as pits of self-pity and hurt. Follow God with all your heart and don’t be too concerned about what people do to you; after all, He has a long eternity in which to vindicate you.

You were made for God and for eternity; shape your attitudes, activities, reactions and relationships accordingly. Remember everyone you meet must also spend Eternity somewhere; help them to make it to Heaven! Losing your life for Jesus in Christ-centred living gains it for you forever! The opposite is too horrible to contemplate. What’s the point of becoming CEO of BigBucksInc if it costs you Jesus and Heaven?