Hating Meetings

Hating Meetings

Q.   My parents are Christians, and I go to meetings too, but I’m lost, dead inside and very unhappy. What can I do?

 A.   Going to meetings will never make you a Christian. There you hear God’s Word, but you have to respond to His offer of salvation.

If you don’t respond to Him, however, you can never begin to live spiritually. In fact, your heart will become harder! You are “dead inside” because you are cut off from God and under His judgment.

Facing eternity without Him is the most horrible fate anyone could suffer. That’s part of why you’re unhappy. Then, delaying coming to Him adds to your misery. And, with folks around you thinking you’re a Christian when you’re not, being a hypocrite makes everything worse!

But that’s all about YOU: your misery, your fear, your eternity! And that’s the problem – selfishness. What about God’s side of things? He is the One you should worship, listen to and obey. His ways and what He wants should occupy your thoughts. Because He is God and you are His creation, and must stand before Him to give account soon.

Your dilemma is terrible, but there is hope! Jesus loves you and died for you. He wants to do more than save you out of your sin and condemnation; He wants to save you into His Everlasting Life and give you an appetite for Him and His Heavenly things. You can’t save yourself, but He can, and He wants to – right now! You can come to Him very simply. Just where you are, talk to the Lord Jesus and give Him your whole life – the good bits, the bad bits; the lot. Ask for His forgiveness and thank Him for loving you enough to die for you. All the while BELIEVE that He is saving you!

Then immediately break out of your pride and hypocrisy, go to one of the Elders where you attend, and tell him what you’ve done. This is essential help for your continuing walk with the Lord. You will find His love and life flooding into your spirit!

Please let us know what happens; we’ll be praying for you!