Q.    I know you don’t support Halloween. But aren’t you going overboard and becoming too narrow minded? Why can’t our children enjoy some harmless fun that we all know is just fantasy?

A.   ‘Everybody’s doing it; it must be OK!’ seems to be your stance. But, far from ‘harmless,’ Halloween is incredibly evil and dangerous. Here are some facts to consider:

  • Halloween originated among the ancient Celts of Europe and was called the festival of “Samhain” or “All Hallows Tide”.
  • It was a Feast of the Dead starting on the evening of 31 October signalling the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. 1 Nov was All Soul’s Day and actually began on 31 October. It signalled the beginning of the Celtic New Year.
  • The “veil between the worlds” is believed to be at it thinnest at this time, and the living could communicate with the dead. Deceased ancestors and other “friendly” spirits were invited to join in Sabbath festivals and be reunited with loved ones.
  • This celebration of the dead honoured the God of the Dead.
  • Faeries, angels who sided with neither God nor Lucifer, were condemned to walk the earth until judgment day. They became active at this time, causing chaos to reign. This was a night of magic charms and divinations, reading the future and other occultic rites.
  • “Trick or Treat” People dressed up to imitate faeries or evil spirits, go from house to house begging for treats. They believed that spirits had to be appeased with a worship offering (food or milk). Failure to provide the treats result in pranks such as blocking chimneys, leading off cattle, throwing cabbages, etc.

“Jack-o-Lantern” arose from an Irish scoundrel who liked eating big red turnips and made a pact with the devil. Jack died a year later and, refused by both God and the devil, is now forever roaming the earth. His way is lit by a coal the devil gave him and which he carries in the lantern he carved from his huge turnip.

 Fire Ceremonies: At Halloween, one of the four great “Fire Festivals” of the Celts, all hearth fires were extinguished and then re-kindled from a central bonfire started ceremoniously by the druids who wore animal skins and heads. Fires or candles were left burning all night to honour and welcome the dead.

 Druids (Celtic priests) conducted their feast ceremonies, including Human sacrifices, in secluded sacred places. Satanists adopted the Druidic High Days and celebrate Halloween from 22 to 29 October. 30 October is their Satanic High Day. Then, on 31 October, they perform blood and sex rituals with demons and animal and human sacrifices.

 The Early Christian Church tried to eliminate the Druid celebration by offering All Saints’ Day as a substitute, but to no avail.

Although the outward forms of this kind of worship seem largely to have disappeared, belief in these gods has not. In the Middle Ages open practices of witchcraft flourished. In the mid-1900s paganism returned to the western world and pagan feasts were re-introduced.

Many people have no idea that demonic spirits are actually contacted and activated as people call out to them, whether in jest or seriously. Every actaround Halloween honours false gods and spirits. And praying for, and to, the dead totally violates Scripture.

Halloween is a “Fun Door” into the realm of the occult and evil spirits – and ultimately into Hell itself. Satan, your enemy, is only too pleased to entice you and your children to enter Damnation through his “Fun Door.” Don’t be fooled into playing with his devilish dynamite; you will regret it for a long Eternity. Read what God says about these matters; you’ll find strong direction in 2 Tim 2:17 (don’t be conquered by fear), Deut 18:9-14, Isa 8:19 and 1 Chron 10:13-14.

Another vital step is to talk with the Leaders of your Fellowship. They will be of invaluable assistance.   You can never be too narrow-minded against the enemy of your soul!