Gay Tendencies

Gay Tendencies

Q.    I’m more attracted to same sex people than to those of the opposite sex. How should I handle those feelings?

A.    First and foremost, realise that Man’s improvisations on, and departures from, God’s original intention for His creation, always end in disaster. You owe it to Him to fulfil HIS plan for your life!

A glance at 1 Tim 1:8-16 will show you that God knows that you will face the temptation to stray from Him and His ways – but He expects you to say an unequivocal NO to sin!

Consider this; our choices are so often directed by the kind of people we really are underneath, and motivated by our insecurities, petty jealousies, wicked thoughts and weak morals. That’s why people, ever fickle, walk away from us when they get to really know us, or when the going gets tough, or when they find someone more interesting.

But God never walks away from you. He’s as close as your own breath. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, and how far you’ve strayed, He’s waiting with open arms to welcome you home. And He has all the materials to build good and godly character and relationships in your life. Your eternity, your life on earth, your relationships, your future, your hope, your joy – the whole lot – can only be wholesome, filled with promise, and glorious in Him, through Jesus Christ!

If God changed Christian-hater Paul, He can change you and give you a clean conscience, a fresh start, and a light heart again. And He’ll go a step further; He’ll transform your life into something beautiful.

Consider the awful consequences – Lev 18:22 -30; Rom 1:24-27.

The grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant – 1 Tim 1:14.