Frustration in Marriage

Frustration in Marriage

Q.    My spouse doesn’t share my passion for spiritual things. How can I deal with my frustration and sadness?

A.   In a Marriage Manual the first chapter could be, “You Can’t Change Another Person.” Many could have avoided a lot of frustration and strife in their Marriage if they’d realised from the start that their partner wasn’t likely to be any closer to their design after ten years of marriage than on their Wedding Day. Instead of feeling they’d been deceived, their expectations would have been realistic.

That we can’t make other people change is a lesson we don’t easily learn. Does that mean you just have to learn to live with the things about your spouse you wish you could alter? Well, yes.

But there are things you can do. Firstly, pray for your spouse and believe that God is at work in his or her life; because HE IS!Secondly, live a gracious and godly life that will attract your partner to Jesus. There can hardly be change if your own life militates against it! Thirdly, don’t nag! Nagging stems from frustration and unbelief, and makes people dig their heels in. Put your trust in God alone. Fourthly, develop an attitude of patience toward your spouse.

Reflect on Job’s lasting hope in the face of his suffering. He never doubted that God would change his situation. In the end, God helped him. He’ll do the same in you. See Job 6:14-21; Rev 21:1-4.