Forgiveness – Feeling Forgiven

Forgiveness – Feeling Forgiven

Q.   How Can I Be Forgiven – and Feel Forgiven?

A.   If you desire to be forgiven it’s obvious that you need to be forgiven. All of us have sinned and need to be forgiven – Rom 3:23.

   God’s requirements for forgiveness are:

  • Confession and Repentance. Tell God how you have sinned and how sorry you are for your sin. Then ask Him to change you and help you to turn away from your old life of sinning. He will do it! See Jer 15:19, 1 Jn 1:9. And He will enable you to do the turning away from sin and the turning to Him and His righteousness!
  • Sacrifice. Blood has to be shed for sin to be forgiven – See Heb 9:22, Eph 1:7. You can’t pay that price, but Jesus has done it. Believe this with all your heart.
  • Forgive Others Who Have Wronged You. Don’t keep bitterness in your heart; it keeps you from being forgiven. See Matt 16:14,15, Eph 4:32

With these three things in place, God is delighted to forgive you. Believe this too with all your heart. He’ll fill you with His love and joy; you’ll know that you’re forgiven and that’s feeling forgiven!