Evolution – Why Shouldn’t I Believe in it?

Evolution – Why Shouldn’t I Believe in it?

Q.    Why shouldn’t I believe in Evolution? Scientists do, and most people do. Intelligent Design must give place to Evolution.

A.   First point; Evolution is not fact, only a theory and a wicked one at that. Secondly, many scientists actually reject Evolution and more and more are openly turning to accept the God of Intelligent Design.

One reason amongst many, that scientists reject Evolution is that it is impossible to explain even the simplest of the incredible designs we find in creation as the work of a mindless, impersonal force. Imagine the challenge of explaining the many specialized features of the honeybee as the work of no one, as Evolutionists would have us believe!

The honeybee has compound eyes enabling it to navigate by the sun even on cloudy days because it has a built in polarized light filter.

The honeybee’s antennae contain both their sense of smell and sense of touch. For this reason they must be carefully cleaned. So the honeybees have special grooves in their front legs that are perfectly designed to clean them.

The honeybees also have hairs on their body to collect pollen and baskets on their rear legs to carry it. And they have special glands for producing, shaping and cleaning off wax.

When one returns home with news of a good pollen source, the honeybee has a language that it can use to tell the others about it!

Not only is the honeybee a huge collection of special features united together, but they also live in a hive that unites thousands of individuals so that they all work together like a single organism!

It simply goes against everything we know from science to suppose that millions of years of unplanned accidents could design and build the honeybee!

Psalm 113:5-6Who is like unto the LORD our God, who dwelleth on high, Who humbleth himself to behold the things that are in heaven, and in the earth!

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