Evolution – Could it be True?

Evolution – Could it be True?

Q.    Could Evolution not, after all, be a possibility?

A.   In science, theories proposed should be supported by some evidence. Yet, for the incredible claim that life sprang into being out of non-living materials, or some “primordial soup”, no evidence is offered.

Mathematicians tell us that, given the conditions evolutionists claim existed at the origin of life, the chance of evolving the simple, common, iso 1 cytochrome “c” protein is one chance out of one followed by 75 zeroes.

But that’s not a living, reproducing thing. Given the same conditions, the chance of getting a DNA molecule with the ability to reproduce is 100 billion, billion to one. The chance of getting a minimal cell, works out to one chance out of a 1 followed by 4,478,296 zeroes!

God is the source of all life, including yours and mine, and Evolution is a fanciful and dangerous religion. Yes, religion, because since it cannot be proven, it has to be accepted by faith; misplaced and deadly faith, we may add.