Dating and Limits

Dating and Limits

Q.    How dangerous is dating and how far can a Christian go with the opposite sex?

A.   Sadly, Satan has hijacked the healthy drives and emotions God created for us. For every Christian this will be a challenge and whether we live in the joyous liberty of the Children of God, or in the fake joy of the devil, relates to our choice. Be warned that the fake joy of the devil will end up as a bitter enslavement that will hound every participant away from God and into eternal destruction. That’s what Satan does!

So, to answer your question, dating is dangerous and if you want God’s best plan for your life, you must go His way. Your friends will always tell you that it’s OK to engage in unwise practices; they always end up disastrously, they always cause hurt and bitterness and they always destroy God’s best for your life. Again, the choice is yours! Make responsible and godly choices.

What’s wrong with looking? Depends how you look. Remember, you will think about what you see, then desire grows, then action plans, then you touch, you take steps, you enjoy your conquest – until the wreckage of your life, and the other person’s, begins. Tragedy strikes!

‘But everybody’s doing it.’ True; but God hates it, and most of everybody’s going to Hell! Want to join them? This is no joke!

Here are some guidelines for going God’s way:

  • Go out in groups and avoid hiving off. You won’t avoid bad action if you are alone with another attractive person. Passion is too strong! Real and wholesome dating is only in preparation for Marriage.
  • Have many friends, but only let someone become special to you when you plan to marry.
  • When that time comes, keep yourself pure for your future spouse and that one alone. Who wants spoiled or second-hand goods?
  • Speak to the Elders in your Assembly and get their advice, approval and guidance. Do what they say; they look out for you!
  • You don’t have to bend the rules to get a partner. What kind of a partner gives you that kind of foundation for your future?
  • Walk in God’s ways; read His Word and speak to Him daily; He is best able to lead and guide you in Marriage – which He designed!