Darwin’s ‘Proofs’ and Spiritism

Darwin’s ‘Proofs’ and Spiritism

Q.   With Darwin’s 150th Anniversary we’re hearing many proofs of Evolution. Isn’t it time the Church adjusts to these?

A.   Please put “proofs” in inverted commas because Evolution is but a sketchy, unproven theory. There is no reason at all for the media and academia to insist it is pure fact; it is NOT fact!

Did you know that Darwinism, besides being laughably devoid of scientific basis, has its roots in spiritualism? Welsh Naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, shared Darwin’s beliefs and encouraged him to publish his “The Origin of Species”.

Wallace believed in spirit guides, participated in séances and was caught up with the paranormal. He promoted the “science” of Evolution because it supported his anti-God views. No wonder the folly he and Darwin propagated has been undermining Christianity ever since! They could not believe in a Creator because He would have ultimate authority over His Creation. On the other hand, man has no moral responsibility if he crawled out of some primordial soup to become a walking ape.

Evolution is not about science at all; it is crass rebellion against God’s rule over us!

               Ackn to J. Lee Grady