Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Q.    Should the 200th Anniversary of the great Charles Darwin’s birth not be celebrated whether we agree with him or not?

A.    Hardly! Charles Darwin’s wicked theory has given atheism an intellectual footing and swallowed many a precious soul.

Modern Evolutionists often give the impression that Evolution was accepted by the scientific community of Darwin’s day. But this is not at all so. In fact, some of the most influential scientists of the day were hostile to Evolution.

For example, although Adam Sedgwick taught Charles Darwin field geology, he flatly rejected his theory. After reading Darwin’s book, he wrote telling him that parts of it were completely false and filled him with sorrow.

Astronomer Sir John Herschel also rejected Darwin’s theory. A fellow of the prestigious Royal Society, he called Evolution “the law of higgledy-piggledy.”

Evolution claims that life developed spontaneously by time and chance, but Louis Pasteur was motivated to prove that life only comes from life.

Science Philosopher William Whewell would not allow Darwin’s book into the Cambridge University Library.

James Clerk Maxwell strongly opposed Evolution.

Ironically, it was the churchmen of Darwin’s time who embraced Evolution. And when those who grew up in Evolutionist churches got their science degrees, all they knew was that “everyone” had always supported Evolution. This illustrates how a church’s lack of faithfulness can change the worldview of an entire culture for the worse.

God protect us from being seduced by false teachings.