Camp Testimonies | July 2015

Camp Testimonies | July 2015

These testimonies are from the young people at camp, in their own word how the Lord Jesus has touched their lives and how they will never be the same again!

Before I came to camp when something went wrong I blamed the Lord and wandered why he let us go through this, but now I know it was making me a better person. One more thing Rodeo said all good things have to come to an end but the best thing is that God will never end.  Jano

The thing that touched me was all the songs and the way we all just praised the Lord with all our hearts, and I’ve learned that even though we go through fire God is with us every step of the way.  Chanel Duckitt

What touched my heart was when everybody was preaching and before camp I had lost faith and the youth camp have taught me how to keep faith I would like to share a verse from Hebrews 11:11 faith is being sure of what we hope for, it is being certain of what we do not see.  Jessica

During this time I have been here at camp I have learnt more about God and that He is beautiful and strong and bigger than anything else.  God wants us to be with Him for eternity and for ever more and we are responsible because we are God children.  Sarah

What blessed me was when we sang all the songs from day one. What really touched me at camp was Jackal’s ministry on day one about following the crowd.  That’s what we do sometimes we want to be like the people of this world so much, that sometimes we forget we are Christian, that’s like giving Jesus 50% of your heart.  As it says in Revelation 3:16 let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need, amen…

Psalm 18:2  He is my protector he is my strong fortress he protects me through my troubles he helps me because us as young youth we go through difficult situations we go through so much and we sometimes forget God.  We waylay God and when we are in difficult situations we all of a sudden remember God I used to be like that before I came to this camp because I have sport, hockey and school to attend I didn’t make time for God and I spoke to Jade and she helped me understand what I didn’t understand.  Nokwethemba Sibiya

Camp was really an awesome experience.  We had been taught about how to be on fire for Jesus and how to make the stand for him.  Before camp I thought that when we go through fire it’s because we have done something wrong but now I understand that when we go through fire it’s to prepare us for the battles ahead my friends used to say that you only live once but no, you have the whole eternity ahead with the Lord and I believe that all the time we need to make a stand for the Lord. We as Christians sometimes have to go through the fire to prepare us for what’s coming ahead.  The message that really touched me was about the balloon on how it is tied up on a block which represents all the peer pressure and all the bad things in life and how we used a matched of fire to the balloon into the air, the balloon was so free.  When we were leaving camp I was looking forward to what God had planned for me and I was so ready to face life and all the trials ahead, and I thank God for making it possible  for me to be at camp and other campers.  We had a lot of fun and I was really touched by everything at camp.  No matter what anybody says the fact stays that I am a believer and a follower of Christ Jesus, thank you Lord for making it possible for me to be here. See you soon camp Anerley 16 December 2015 – I can’t wait –  Minora Kabongo

Camp has touched me in so many ways I feel that God has taken His toll on me and He has given me the strength to carry on.  As it says in John 3:16 for God so loved the world so much that He gave His only Son to die for us.  I mean God loves us He is equipping us for the eternal life ahead that carries on forever more.  Everything happens for a reason.  The thing that has touched me throughout the camp is the rope saying to not focus on the little white part which is the earth focus on God and the eternal  life God is equipping us but make a solid foundation first.

What touched my heart this camp is that how November was an alcoholic and he decided to follow God that touched my heart?  There being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1.  Megan

The Lord helps me trust in Him and believe in him.  Christin

What blessed me this camp was the song that said speak to me, because I need to listen and I don’t always and that God will forgive me not matter what and sometime we have to go in the fire to be pure.  Psalm 51:2 wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.  Astir Fourie

What really touched me was Jackal the rope, this little piece of tape is our lives and it looks tiny compared to the rest of the rope I imagine if this rope went on forever.  James 4:13;14 Worship really touches me and it just lifts me up and I hope I can come to the next camp.  Meghan

This has been such an amazing camp for me, because it actually taught everyone how to stand up for God and how to handle it when you’re in the fire.  Sometimes we think the fire is a bad place but the fire is where you get purified. What blessed me this camp is how we learned to praise the Lord even when we are going through massive fires and that he is always with us and that He doesn’t do it to destroy us but to prepare us for giving our hearts to Him. Sanda Ndlazi

When I first came to camp I was excited and I know I will be ok if God was with me, I will like to say a verse in Psalms 119:11 what it means to me is I will not let sin come to me, and I will speak to you and you teach me your ways.  I have a verse in Job 6:10 what, seams God can’t speak to me back and He won’t give everything.

What really touched my heart and meant to me was when Oscar shared his testimony of how he was baptized and then about a week after his mother dies, it really touched me because my dad died when I was about six years old and my dad always told me about the Lord and how great and mighty He is and with Oscars testimony it is true it’s easy to be a Christian but it’s also not easy because you will go through hard and challenging things in your life but if you have God in your life the Lord is with you in every step of the way never forget that.  Megan Hunter

I just want to talk about what happened in the last year.  I missed last December camp so I went right off tract.  I even stopped reading the Bible all I was doing was praying but I was really battling with life and when you are battling it’s like you in the fire but I didn’t trust the Lord so I was getting burnt but when I heard the story about how we focus so much on life on earth but we don’t focus on life with the Lord and life with the Lord is eternal life and that is just amazing so every time I looked at that rope I just had a sort of joy over flowing over me so I am on fire for Him.  Gabby Carter

I had a lot of fun I learnt a lot to, I had an amazing time and on Tuesday night at when we sang you’re not alone I felt a sudden rage of joy and it felt like I gave my heart to God and it was amazing.  Gabriella

Camp was awesome and amazing, I really enjoyed it and I learnt that you must be on fire for the Lord Jesus.  You must be able to make the stand for the Lord.  And the when Sierra spoke about giving your life to the Lord many went outside and the councilor spoke to them and prayed for them on the 6th July 2015, And I was one of them and it was like I had a whole burden off my shoulders  Pinky.

My first day was nice because I meet new people.  I enjoyed morning devotions and evening devotions. Also sports activity. I learnt a lot about Jesus and his mercy and what he got for us in the future and I have learnt a new language that is speaking in tongues –  Riaan

I like to thank the Lord for me going to camp because I really learnt more about God and standing up for him at all times and making the right choice in our life and I am saved. And for me going to camp have me see what was not seen –  Siphamandla

My experience at camp was pretty amazing because I got to know God better and also by me going to camp it helped me a lot because I’ve gained a lot about God himself and the most important thing was the morning devotions where everyone shared about God. When day 3 at camp came I was excited because I received the Holy Ghost and I was speaking in tongues and that was my experience at camp – Tyrese

My experience at camp was unforgettable.  Although camp is all about having fun but to me it was not just about having fun it was about worshiping God and what his Son Jesus had done for us.  The experience that I loved the most was when I received the Holy Ghost and I was speaking in tongues after receiving the Holy Ghost.  I was so relieved in a way that all my problems that I had in the past that was hanging on my shoulders just vanished away.  I just want to thank God for his mercy and grace that he has just changed my whole life around and also thanking his only son Jesus for dying on the cross for all our sins. HAD A SUPERB EXPERIENCE – Michael

I would like to greet everyone in the lovely name of our father Jesus Christ. Firstly I would like to say that the camp was a success were taught a lot of things and games were also played.  Some of the things that were taught to us as Children of God were how to speak in tongues, and how good change is, how to love the Almighty etc.  In our themes for the 4 days we learnt about “You will bow” (Peer Pressure), making the stand (To make the right things), in the fire (making your decision) and “On Fire” (For God).  We soon realised that we needed to allow each of them to grow in our lives so that we can truly shine our lights for Jesus.  On day 4, the testimony time workshop was such a blessing to us as campers sharing, what the Lord had done in our lives! Many of us testified that they were sure that Jesus lives in their hearts and will help them to remain on his path.  Also the game we played were also entertaining such as hand ball, soccer, Dutch ball, Volley Ball, Tennis, Hockey etc.  We also ran a mini marathon which was good exercise to us as youngsters.

I would lastly like to thank the people who made our camp a success. Namely the people who paid for accommodation, transport (those who fetched us to and from the camp) food, amazing praise and worship.  The word about trusting the Lord with everything we have, and being the example others need to see was encouraging and challenging.  Those who provided our games, and not forgetting the good hearted people who guide us to and from camp, tolerate our different behaviour, guided us as the marathon took place to ensure that no-one was injured.

CAMP WAS AMAZINGJ – Sifiso Mzileni


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