Camp Testimonies | December 2015

Camp Testimonies | December 2015

These testimonies are from the young people at camp, in their own word how the Lord Jesus has touched their lives and how they will never be the same again!

What really touched me was the fourth night when all the Counsellors spoke to everyone. It really touched me when everyone stood up and sung. Writing all my fears and secrets down and giving my heart to the Lord and that set all the fears and secrets free and it set me free knowing that all that stuff is gone and I won’t have it scare me for a while. Knowing that God will accept me for who I am as long as I give Him my heart. Seeing everyone go outside with the Counsellors helped me see that I am not alone. I know now where I belong and that is with God my Father. Camp has made me flawless and made me realise I can be myself. – Sammi

Hi guys, I am Nanah – Well yesterday I felt free after talking to Dakota, because I had something in my heart that was bothering me in the past, but now I am so delighted that I am free. I also would like to share a verse with you in Psalm 139. – Nanah 

God sent His only Son for ME. We can’t do this by ourselves. Sometimes I wonder if I am good enough. One counsellor reminded me that everyone is good enough and God’s love will just overflow in your life, you just need to make the decision. Nobody else can, but you. –Astri

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in My presence only, but now much more in My absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. – Megan

I am really happy I came to this specific camp because it has touched me. Saturday was the best day because it was so nerve-wracking, you didn’t know what to write because I don’t know if all the sins that I have done are small, innocent sins, but I looked deeper in my heart and found the bigger sins I have made. To see our sins go away, even though our lantern crashed and burned. It was a good feeling to be free. That night everyone was happy even the girls that are uptight were jolly. I am very grateful to the Counsellors and everybody else for organising this camp. Thank you very much. – Esther (12)

What really touched me at camp were the songs that we sang, like the one that says “You are a good, good Father”. It was like God was hugging me and saying “You are now free” and when Sierra was saying we must go outside, it touched me because I was one of them who had to go outside, so this camp really touched me. I went outside with Cyprus and she prayed with me. THIS CAMP WAS REALLY COOL. – Pinky 

Psalm 139 v1-6: The God that created the earth and made people see from blind, wants to get to know me. He loves me even though I may sin, He will stay with me and loves me with all of His heart. Love Him back and ask Him into your heart. – Dustin

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Well, when I was in Grade 4 I had really bad acne and I was always looked down on by my so-called friends so then I got such a blessing from the Lord and I really thank Him for this because if this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have friends to pick me up when I fall and that blessing was Philippa. She never looked down on me and when I spoke horribly of myself, she would bring me up to the top again, and if she never came into my life i wouldn’t know the Lord properly and I wouldn’t think much of anyone. She has brought me closer to everyone so Thank You Lord for such a blessing. – Gabby 

When I was younger I grew up in a Christian family and I thought if my family is Christian then so am I. I had this big label “CHRISTIAN” on me, but I wasn’t actually saved yet. I came to camp in July and then I thought everything was fine and I was saved, but when I came in December, I was TRULY saved. I was set free and now I have an abundant life because of Jesus. Thank you Counsellors for helping me be free! – Zanda

This camp (when I talked to a counsellor) I finally gave my heart fully to the Lord. I let go of all my sins and it was like a big, heavy bag was taken off of me and I was so happy. I LOVE GOD. – Gabby

I really enjoyed being here at camp even when I had homesickness for the first two days. I was really happy when the Counsellors helped me get over it and allowed my sister to stay with me. The activities we did were challenging and that is what made them fun. I loved the lessons and every night when we had evening sessions. The songs really stuck to me – “Man of Sorrows” most of all. My Counsellors and the others were really great and I was able to make new friends. D2 rocks! – Kylie

I came to camp because of my friend. I didn’t expect to leave feeling like I do. I tried to focus on the Lord, but I know now that it is impossible to do that on your own. Last night during the preaching, the Lord touched me and I knew that I needed to go out. I spoke with Cyprus and lots of other understanding girls. I let go of my many, many burdens. I could almost feel a weight come off my shoulders. I was free, and it was a real freedom. I am so thankful that I can be different and be a Christian without being ashamed. – Grace


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