Black Magic and Spells – Escape From

Black Magic and Spells – Escape From

Q.    I am under black magic, curses and spells; how can I escape?

A.   Some make light of your suggestion but we don’t. Black magic, spells and curses are very real and come from demonic activity – the work of your enemy, Satan. And if he gets a hold, he holds on tight!

Jesus Christ overcame the devil and He alone can set you free. However, if you turn to Him only for the curses and spells to be broken, that probably wouldn’t work. You see, the problem is far greater than what worries you at the moment. Your real problem is SIN! Sin is rebellion and offence against God – and all have sinned – Rom 3:23. God is holy and His perfect justice demands death for anyone who sins.

But, praise Him, He is also merciful – and He loves us! But He cannot just forgive; someone has to pay for our wickedness. That’s why He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the Cross for our sins, and to rise in victory over our sin and judgment on the 3rd day!

Now, if you respond to Him, repent, ask for His forgiveness and cleansing, and receive Him as the Lord of your life, you will immediately make a transition from God’s sentence of death to His Gift of Eternal Life! This transition is vital in your case, and in the life of every human being!

If you don’t realise you’re a sinner, you’re not able to get right with God and, consequently, you have no right to ask Him to help you.

Secondly, there are two kingdoms at war against each other; God’s Kingdom of Light and Satan’s kingdom of darkness. You’ve been trapped into satan’s kingdom by your sin and, as long as you are a member of that kingdom, God cannot help you, and that kingdom’s stuff will damage you – perhaps eternally. You have to get out of it, make that transition by receiving Jesus as we describe above.

Eph 6:12 tells that our fight is against satan and his darkness, and we cannot fight him by ourselves. In verses 13-17 Paul tells us how to put on armour we get from God after we are saved. Then we are ready to overcome satan and be free from his entanglements. Once you are right with God, you have nothing to fear from satan at all. Accepting Christ as Saviour makes you a Child of God, a part of His family.

Jesus is your only answer; be sure to go to Him for the right reasons. If you’re only serious about getting rid of spells, I doubt that He will help anyone who rejects Him. He loves you, and wants you, but the most important thing to Him is where you spend eternity.