Apostolic Vision

Apostolic Vision

Q.   What exactly is “the Vision of our Apostolic Brethren” which Golden Greetings aims to support and inspire?

A.   Assemblies are wise to hear God’s direction from their Elders as they minister in close co-operation with Apostolic Brethren. Indeed they hear from God themselves but, in the wider context of direction, are team players with the Apostolic Brethren.

It’s no secret that our Apostolic Brethren are constantly on the run from Convention to Convention, from Assembly to Assembly, in Golden Harvest Seminars, Family Camps, Mission Trips and more, at great cost to their personal time (what’s that?), health, family and pockets. Why? Because they have a passion for the Lord and His Body and have embraced that glorious burden of establishing Assemblies, laying the Foundation, raising Ministries, preparing the Bride of Christ and generally ‘contending for the Faith once delivered unto the saints.’

So what is their Vision? See it in what they do; hear it in their ministries – and the ministries of those they guide; see it in the new Assemblies they found; read it in the Golden Greetings’ reports of their visits, Seminars and Convention ministry; listen to the local Ministering Brethren who massage this Vision into the fabric of our Assemblies. It’s First Principles, the 5-Fold Ministries of the Ascended Christ; the Second Coming of our Lord; the Fellowship of the Saints; the Priesthood of the Believers ….. It’s Jesus Christ and all that He is and desires; it’s the Father and His will; it’s the Holy Spirit and His power and illumination. It is death to the flesh and new life to the spirit; it is going on to the Perfection in Christ that God has committed Himself to for every believer who ‘endures to the end’!

This Vision is so huge and glorious that it requires every Apostolic Brother to lay its Foundation and nurture it; every Ministering Brother to minister it into Local Assemblies and every Believer to embrace it and live it for the One Who loved them and gave Himself for His Vision for them!

This is the Vision Golden Greetings aims to support and inspire!