Allah and the God of the Bible

Allah and the God of the Bible

Q.   Is Allah Our God?

A.   Muhammad (c.570-632) founded the Muslim religion in the 7th century. Raised by an uncle, he grew up as a shepherd and camel driver. He married a wealthy widow, Kadijah, the first of many wives. He alleged that Gabriel appeared to him and urged him to preach.

Muhammad belonged to the Thaqeef Tribe who, for centuries, had worshipped the goddess ‘Al-ilat’, a daughter of Al-ilah, or Allah, the moon god and all powerful god of the night.  The sign of the crescent moon, so prominent in Islam, “harks back to the early Arab worship of Allah as the moon god” (Dave Hunt, Judgment Day, p. 128).

Then Muhammad received revelations that Allah was not merely a chief tribal god but the only true God and that Muhammad was his chosen and exclusive prophet.

Succeeding in promoting his ‘mono-theistic’ worship of this chief pagan god alone, Muhammad had all the other idols and forms of worship banned.  After some initial resistance, the new religion brought a degree of unity to the Arab world.

Muslims say that “Christians and Jews err in believing that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews. This is totally false, since “Allah” is simply the Arabic word for God”. But the qualities or message of Allah do not match the God of the Bible because he is not the God of the Bible.

The God we serve is the God of all Creation and all power and wisdom. He is the only true God and the God of redeeming love which He extends to all mankind. He is a loving Father Who begets His children by His grace. His children reverentially worship, love and trust Him because they have entered into an eternal and gracious relationship with Him.

Our Bible tells of a Saviour Who came to save us from our sin and His righteous wrath and judgment. Jesus took our place of condemnation and bore our sin and judgment that we might receive His forgiveness, cleansing and acceptance before the Father. Greater than Heaven, our Hope is that God has promised to transform all who come to Him through our Lord Jesus to become like Him, body soul and spirit.

Worship only the one true God; the God of the Bible.