Addressing Addiction

Addressing Addiction

Q. Addictions abound; alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, TV, Videos and Computers and the games they use to enslave people! How do we know when someone is addicted; what can we do?

A. Just Google ‘Addictions’ and you’ll see how very short your list is. This Age of Addictions suggests that Satan has seduced Mankind wholesale into slavery of the mind and body. His intention is to make as many as possible become his slaves, carry out his evil plans and, ultimately, portray his wicked nature as an act of defiance against God.

God’s Word tells that when we yield ourselves we become slaves – Rom 6:16, 7:23 – and this becomes obvious in our lives, actions and attitudes. Many of us know the horror of being bound in one way or another and not being able to escape.

Thank God Rom 6:16 says also that we may become enslaved to righteousness – oh, blessed bonds! We have the Great Emancipator in our lives; we may live free from sin’s bondage because Christ is alive in us. Having tasted His deliverance, small wonder we want everyone to be free from Satan’s slavery too!

Be honest with yourself as you check your life; the smallest habit, the most ‘insignificant’ besetting sin, is designed to bring you into captivity; have none of it! Live in Christ’s victory.