A Boy’s Faith Under Fire

A Boy’s Faith Under Fire

Q. My ten-year-old son moans because we don’t allow him to see the PG-13 and R-rated movies or to listen to the evil music like other boys at school. They laugh him to scorn when he explains the reason he doesn’t join in is because he’s a Christian!

A. I feel for your boy – and for you! But this is actually a good thing happening to him! Matthew 5:11-12 says that he will be blessed when others revile and persecute him – even though he’s only 10. He is taking his place alongside Jesus and a host of good and godly men.

Persecution at school is cruel, as this writer, who was saved at 11, knows very well. But, instead of crushing him and others like him, it bred Jesus’ character in him and later on gave opportunity to lead some of those very mocking schoolmates to the Lord.

God’s Word tells Christians, young and old, to expect opposition and peer pressure, and even to welcome it. Let’s prepare our children early for the persecution they’re sure to face. They will be teased for going to church, mocked for wearing a “WWJD” bracelet, called “chicken” for not participating in something they know is wrong, or shunned for not watching bad TV shows or movies. Let them know, however, that firstly, this comes with the territory of belonging to Jesus; after all they crucified Him – and they’ll hate us too. But, when the realities of life confront them, they will look to the very ones they have been unkind to.

Secondly, what your son needs to know is that God allows these things to happen so that people will be drawn to Christ when they see the Christ-like reaction coming from His people! And He will ensure that they never suffer to no avail. Read the last verse of 1 Cor 15!

Finally, PRAY for your boy; and let him know that you are doing this. It’s God’s plan for us to be different from the world – and He will give us the strength we need to be a strong witness for Him! As the world seeks to tear him down, God will build him up!