Rae Hawyes

I will begin at the very beginning. I was privileged to be born into a Christian home with a Mum and Dad (Scott and Colleen Phillips) who loved each other, their children and, most importantly, the Lord. We attended Waterfall Assembly and it really was like an extension of our family. We had many Brothers, Sisters and Aunties and Uncles in Christ. From a young age I learned, by example, to love others and the Body of Christ. That in order… Read more “Rae Hawyes”

Garth Hawyes

I was raised in a good Christian home, as many of you will know. My family life and home situation was probably one of the most privileged situations I could have known. I only came to realise this much later in life. Pretty much every one I know or have dealt with lately has come from, or is in, a broken family. Living with both sets of parents in Christian homes is almost unheard of nowadays. Anyway my three brothers,… Read more “Garth Hawyes”

Dave de Mailon

I was at boarding school in South Africa for 10 of my 12 school-going years, with my family home in the then Northern Rhodesian Copper Belt. Up to Standard 8/9 (Grade 10/11), our family were members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Since I can remember, my mom, Anne Groenewald, long gone to be with the Lord, whom many of the “oldies” in CAOG should still remember, was an individual predisposed to the things of the Lord, even before she met… Read more “Dave de Meillon”

Brian Mitchell

25 years ago I was sentenced to death 11 times for the murder of 11 innocent woman and children at Trust Feeds, near New Hanover. It all began at the 1988 height of the political war between the UDF and the Inkatha Freedom Party. The unrest spread to rural areas not previously affected by political violence. In these areas alternative structures were being established by the UDF, and KZN was gripped by a low level civil war. Trust Feed was… Read more “Brian Mitchell”