Testimony Page

Testimony Page

Brian Mitchell

25 years ago I was sentenced to death 11 times for the murder of 11 innocent woman and children at Trust Feeds, near New Hanover. It all began at the 1988 height of the political war between the UDF and the Inkatha Freedom Party. The unrest spread to rural areas not previously affected by political violence. In these areas alternative structures were being established by the UDF, and KZN was gripped by a low level civil war. Trust Feed was decidedly affected by the power struggle. The UDF were petrol-bombing houses of Inkatha members and families of their security forces. It became an uncontrollable killing field.

As a counter measure Special Police Constables were deployed to Trust Feed to drive a wedge between the UDF and Inkatha. They would target and assist the Inkatha members to take out the UDF strongholds in the area. On 2 Dec... Read More

Dave de Meillon

I was at boarding school in South Africa for 10 of my 12 school-going years, with my family home in the then Northern Rhodesian Copper Belt. Up to Standard 8/9 (Grade 10/11), our family were members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Since I can remember, my mom, Anne Groenewald, long gone to be with the Lord, whom many of the “oldies” in CAOG should still remember, was an individual predisposed to the things of the Lord, even before she met Him as her personal Lord and Saviour. As such, I was taught about Jesus from the word “go”. In fact, it was her testimony that she “gave” me to the Lord as did Hannah with Samuel.

In 1958, at the age of 11 (almost 12), during a compulsory weekly Sunday morning service in Krugersdorp North DRC, God spoke to my young heart in no uncertain terms. I... Read More