Golden Greetings

Golden Greetings

We believe that the Word of God is the infallible truth and the necessity of spreading the gospel to all the world is a non-negotiable instruction from heaven. Jesus said; "And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 10:8.

Our publications are not intended to be and never will be a replacement to the Word of God

The Golden Greeting Magazine is published 11 times a year, with December the only month that does not have an Magazine printed. The Golden Greetings Magazine is distributed worldwide and has a monthly distribution of roughly 1400 Magazines. 

Unity of the Spirit and the Faith

  • Embrace and apply what is ministered in your Assembly, at Conventions and by our Leaders

Declare the Vision God has given us

  • Can you identify with what God is saying to us as a Fellowship?
  • How will you participate?
  • Other ideas?

Promote Assemblies Co-operation and Fellowship

  • Get to know Assemblies near you
  • Pray for them
  • Phone and encourage folks there
  • Consider joint activities
  • Write and share testimonies

Encourage Missions, Evangelism and Soul-Winning

  • Pray for Mission Trips
  • Encourage folk to go
  • Consider going yourself and donating towards the financial support
  • Invite people to attend Outreach Meetings
  • Decide to become more than just a witness and win souls for Jesus